Ways to Donate

Do you have something that you would like to donate to the youth of the community? Consider donating it to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lorain County. We accept a multitude of items. If a kid can use it, we’ll take it – assuming it’s age appropriate and in good condition.

We do not accept clothing, bedding or motorized vehicles. If you have something that you don't see on the list below but think would be a great gift to The Boys & Girls Clubs of Lorain County, please call our Resource Development Office at 440-444-1279 x 6.

Items You Can Donate

  • Tickets to concerts, performing arts, cinema, festivals and sporting events
  • Art supplies
  • School supplies
  • Board games
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Computer/video games and systems
  • Toys
  • Sporting equipment
  • Office supplies & furniture
  • Pool tables
  • Foosball tables
  • Arcade games
  • Swimming pool equipment
  • Camping equipment
  • Outdoor & recreation equipment
  • Bikes​